The Dwelling Fire Policy

The Dwelling Property Basic Form provides named perils protection for the one- to four-family residence described in the policy Declarations, private structures in connection with it, unscheduled personal property (on and away from the premises) and fair rental value protection. A Broad and Special coverage form is available that expands covered perils. The Form has four coverage sections: Coverage A - Dwelling, Coverage B - Other Structures, Coverage C - Personal Property and Coverage D - Fair Rental Value.



Coverage A Dwelling - - The first section of this policy explains that "dwelling" refers to the structure that is used mainly as a dwelling and which is described on the Declarations and any structures which are attached to the dwelling. Protection under Coverage A extends to materials and supplies which are located on or next to the dwelling which are being used to construct, alter or repair the dwelling or other structures on the described location.

COVERAGE B-OTHER STRUCTURES—Other structures on the insured premises are protected under this coverage part if they are separated from the dwelling by a clear space. On some policy forms provide some of coverage A to be used for this purpose but not to exceed 10%. Additional amount of coverage can be purchased as an endorsement to the policy. Sheds are an example of a building that would be covered by this part of the homeowners policy. Other types of other structures that would be covered by this section are gazebos, picnic shelters, swimming pools and guest houses.

COVERAGE C-PERSONAL PROPERTY—Personal property owned by or used by an "insured" is covered as long as the property is at the described location. The insured can cover contents such as appliances and furnishings with this section of the policy.

COVERAGE D-Fair Rental Value - If a covered loss makes that part of the residence premises unfit for living, the policy can provide for reimbursement of rent lost during the period of time that the property in uninhabited. Some policy forms provide that a portion of Coverage A can be used for this purpose. The insured can purchase an additional amount of coverage by endorsement to the policy.

LANDLORD LIABILITY COVERAGE— Some Dwelling Policies provide for Landlord Liability for a premium. This coverage along with premise Medical Payments coverage are important protection that every landlord should carry. If the policy does not offer these important coverages they can usually be purchased as a stand alone General Liability policy. Some homeowners policies allow for the extension of liability to a rental dwelling.